It is the vision of the Kirrihill team to produce premium wines for all occasions.

The Kirrihill story started in the late 1990’s. The dream was to build a business producing premium wines from cool climate vineyards that undeniably represented the unique characters of the Clare Valley. Today the realisation of the dream is the Kirrihill winery and the resulting award winning range of wines.


The story of Kirrihill is one of vision, innovation, commitment and community.

Located in the picturesque Clare Valley of South Australia. Kirrihill is a progressive and innovative wine business dedicated to producing exceptional quality wines. Our story began as vineyard developers and owners of vineyard holdings throughout the Clare region and into other premium cool climate regions such as the Adelaide Hills. As we continued to grow and develop our vineyard projects through the 90’s, we watched our vineyards mature and the thought of passing over the maturing fruits of our labour became harder to relinquish each vintage.

In 1999 our determination to realise our vision of Kirrihill Wines was completed with the building of a state of the art winery to complement our now mature vineyard resources in the Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills. The drive for quality continues today, with the Kirrihill team dedicated to not only producing stunning hand-crafted wines that over deliver, but also to raising the bar with every vintage. This resolve has seen Kirrihill honoured with more than 500 awards, both domestically and internationally, since its first vintage in 2000.

People and passion have created Kirrihill Wines. It all started with two young men, a vision, and the passion and drive to create their dream. The dream was to build a winery business that would produce world class wines from cool climate vineyards that they established.



Nature determines the wine

Our winemaking philosophy is to let nature determine the wine; to allow every wine to be a reflection of the vineyard or vineyards from whence it comes and to allow regional diversity to shine.



When you taste a Kirrihill wine you experience the soil, climate and aspect of our vineyards that have been nurtured by our viticulturist and winemaker each vintage.