Gleeson & Co Clare Valley Sangiovese Rose 2018 **NEW RELEASE**


Gleeson & Co Clare Valley Sangiovese Rose 2018 **NEW RELEASE**



The fruit for the 2018 Gleeson Rose was sourced from the Jaeschke’s

vineyard situated in Sevenhill, a subdistrict of Clare. The alluvial soils provide

ideal conditions for the vines to thrive and produce outstanding Sangiovese.

Growing Conditions

After a long cold winter and dormancy, the vines sprung to life with

exceptional shoot growth in the spring months. Periods of hot dry weather

throughout December and January had the effect of pulling the vines back

into balance through leaf senescence. These hot dry spells were also timed

to thwart berry expansion leading to thick skins and small berry sizes across

most varieties. The maturation period was dry and mild allowing tannins and

flavours to develop without the panic. Overall 2018 is widely considered a

great Clare vintage.


The Sangiovese is grown for the making of Rose wine styles allowing for

higher yields and less fruit exposure. The fruit is picked at a low sugar levels

where acidity levels are suitable for rose wines. As with whites the fruit is

picked during the pre-dawn cold and after destemming the juice and skins

are held in the press where colour extraction is monitored closely. Generally,

2 to 3 hours sees the appropriate colour levels achieved prior to pressing.

Fermentation is arrested with just a few grams of residual sugar remaining.

Winemaking Notes

Light pink in colour this wine displays a delicate aroma of strawberry and

white nectarine. The palate is soft, clean and very approachable. The gentle

acidity and full fruit flavour shows excellent balance.

Analysis -pH 3.28 | Alc. 11.5% | TA 6.0g/l | G&F 4.0g/L

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