Situated in the picturesque Clare Valley, one of Australia’s premium wine producing areas, Kirrihill’s story looms large in the local area and resonates much further afield.


It is the vision of the Kirrihill team to produce premium wines for all occasions.

The Kirrihill story started in the late 1990’s. The dream was to build a business producing premium wines from cool climate vineyards that undeniably represented the unique characters of the Clare Valley. Today the realisation of the dream is the Kirrihill winery and the resulting award winning range of wines.


The Kirrihill winemaking team continually strives to make better wines, experimenting and pushing boundaries, learning from our vineyards and exploring winemaking technique.

Our series of emerging varietals is one small part of the winemaking teams evolving range of premium wines. Inspired by their European origins, the emerging varietal wines are the perfect complement to our adopted European inspired cuisines.